The first was in 2008, when a 52-year-old Brazilian man died at a private kambo ceremony. He had taken kambo several times before over the course of the previous few months, to treat a health condition. This time, he went to the bathroom unobserved, and was later found not breathing on the floor, and could not be resuscitated. The secretion is then applied to small burns on the skin, to allow it to enter the bloodstream. The effects are felt after a few minutes, and last up to an hour.

I’ve worked with many chronically ill people, and I’ve never seen a modality work as effectively as kambo. Indigenous facilitators are likely to understand how to guide people through the kambo experience in some depth, and will probably have a good anticipation of what dose is appropriate for you.

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During this period, people taking kambo will have the opportunity to explore their feelings regarding a tragedy, and many say the intensity of the experience helps them gain a sense of closure. Afterward, most people emerge from the experience feeling strong, clean, and energized. This will keep you focused and ensure your set and setting are conducive to the kind of healing you’re seeking. For large community tragedies, you may want to set up a kambo ceremony with a group of people who also experienced the tragedy. Kambo ceremonies are usually social events which promote bonding, and the shared trauma will help the group support each other as individuals work through their emotions. It can be a good idea to discuss your emotions in a group both before and after the ceremony.

Catharsis After Tragedy: How Kambo Can Help Process Difficult Events

Decades of toxins are collected, and soon the purging will begin helping to ease the discomfort. Part of the effects you feel are the Kambo and the other half are from the toxins your body is getting rid of. You manifest this discomfort every day, but don’t realize it.

The prices range from 600$ to 3,500$ for a 10 days retreat with 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies. Improving data quality and use is a major focus of CHISU activities across the project. And as we learned from speaking with the CHISU team, governance is a critical piece of those data quality and use efforts.

Physical benefits of Kambo

There’s a piece there because it can also easily become another ego game around, oh, I’m the healer, so I’m going to go out there and I’m going to heal people. But the reality is, I know it for myself. I was out of my practice earlier this year and things started falling apart.

How Does it Feel to Be in the Amazon?

Read more about Kambo frog here. She had the number of a practitioner, had researched the medicine, and was ready to try it. Just one thing was giving her pause; she was a recovering bulimic.

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