Have you ever wondered, “Which lottery strategies work best for me?”

I know that I do. It is the most important question that a serious player of the lottery can ask. Surprisingly, many lottery players don’t answer that question.

Here is the solution to this problem:

This question can be answered by us, and it is easy.

We can not only find the best strategies for winning the lottery, but we can also identify the worst. This makes it easier to pick lottery numbers and helps you get closer to the jackpot.

This question is the key to understanding the whole process. This means that we need a reference point. All of our  live draw sgp strategies will be measured against this reference once we have it. The reference point for playing the lottery is always the same.

What would you do if you randomly chose the numbers?

Here’s an example. To illustrate, I will use the Mega Millions lottery (5/56). This is 8.9% of the 56 numbers pool if we randomly choose 5 numbers to play. Over many lotteries’ history, 8.9% of winning numbers would be correct on average. We would get 0.45 correct numbers per lotto drawing if we were to guess. You would get 0.90 correct numbers if you randomly chose 10 numbers to play.

Here’s the good news that you have been waiting for. Random number selection has been outperformed by any strategy with an average better than 0.45. We should consider strategies that have the highest averages. These are the best, and they deserve our attention. A lottery strategy that has 0.56 winning numbers per draw is an example of a strategy that performs 24% better than random selection. I don’t think there is any other gambler who wouldn’t love a 24% advantage. This is my favorite lottery strategy.

The Best Lottery Predictions Method

1. The reference point should be determined.

2. Analyse how successful your strategies were at picking the lottery numbers.

3. Is your strategy better than the reference?

Warning! Don’t use any lottery strategy without knowing its past performance.

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