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What Professional Coach Training Do You Have?

As Joe Gibbs, among those all-time amazing NFL coaches, once said,”A winning effort starts with preparation. The game might be played on Sunday, but it’s won on the practice field during the week; in assembly rooms, where coaches and players organize the game plan; and at the weight sales coaching room where the top players do a few added repetitions.”

How is this any different from your Sales Game? Your Sales Game is played on a prospect of area every time a Revenue Player gets in front of an opportunity to ask for an arrangement. How does your Revenue participant get on the playing field? How can your Revenue participant get in the ideal position, in the right place, at the right time, to request the order and score the win?

Practice. And where do Sales Players practice? In sales practices on your seminar room and on your workplace in which you and each Sales Player prepare and exercise each individualized game program. And, where are you going to find your finest Revenue Players? Like coach Gibbs stated, you’ll find them practicing… maybe not at the weight space, but maybe facing a mirror at home to enhance their capacity to win by performing a few extra repetitions since they practice presentations.

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