Hardware mold, the quality grade is low to high order in turn: CR12MOV punch, SKD11 punch, D2 punch, DC53 punch material, Viking punch, pre-harder SKH-9 high-speed steel, tungsten steel punctum, ASP23 punch, ASP60 punch.

The best mold punch is definitely the ASP60 punch, but the price is expensive. Continuous punching molds commonly used punctum is a pre-hard punch SKH-9 high-speed steel. Stamped stainless steel commonly used punch is a pre-hard punch ASP60 powder high-speed steel. The punch CR12MOV is used in a common single flush mold. The pre-hard punch Viking die steel is a tough mold steel, mainly used for connector molds.

If you want to choose to the appropriate mold punch, it is necessary to:

1. The mold is fast and slow, the faster Metal Stamping Tooling the speed is required. The better the punch material;

2. The thickness of the stamped material, the thicker the thickness of the stamped material, the better the punch material;

3. The hardness of the stamped material, the stamped material hardness The higher, the better the punch is required;

4. Material is made of stamped material, the better the stamped material, such as copper, aluminum, galvanized plate, stainless steel, tinplate, etc., the more Good;

5. Stress stainless steel is divided into three cases, no hardness of stainless steel DC53 punch; Sky-hard stainless steel SKH-9 high-speed steel is made; full hard stainless steel ASP60 powder high-speed steel Do a punch.

6. Cold rolled sheets are determined according to the stamping speed and cold rolled sheet thickness, and the DC53 mold steel punch is not highly required; the requirements are highly used as SKH-9 high-speed steel;

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