Previously, the spa was known as a mineral fountain resort or whirlpool, and used equipment to aerate and swirl water. But over the years, the spa has become a place to relax and rejuvenate the senses through massage and a variety of relaxing body substances. Today, spas can easily be called synonymous with therapeutic healing and health maintenance.
Spa is a collective term for many professional services, so spa users should be able to determine exactly what they are expecting. Checking the types of spas and the services they offer is worth checking again for spa users. Spas can be broadly divided into day spas, mobile spas, destination spas, eco spas, mineral health spas, medical spas, resort / hotel spas, and club spas. Depending on whether you are interested in soothing your senses, genuine therapy, holistic healing, activities, or just luxury treatments, it is important to choose the right spa.
Spa day

From half-hour treatments to full-day treatments, if you want to get a little out of your daily routine, the day spa is for you. These spas do not offer accommodation and are located in separate venues or shopping malls, airports and hotels. Menus typically include classic European faces, therapeutic body massages, body wraps, and limb treatments. Some others also offer hair treatments. The day spa includes a hair salon, beauty salon, health center and wellness clinic that offer at least one hydrotherapy treatment.
Mobile spa

The mobile spa quickly became popular and became a home spa. They are an excellent way to provide their services in your comfortable place and enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home. Or spoil yourself and a group of friends with a luxurious spa treatment. Destination spa

In addition to focusing on treatments and therapies, the destination spa carefully chooses its location to provide clients with the benefits of a complete shelter. The picturesque place where the destination dad Hotel alsace  usually lives will enhance your mood. These spas are known for offering spa cooking, comprehensive treatments such as comprehensive health and fitness, acupuncture, aromatherapy, detoxification, body tanning, and rejuvenation therapies such as body accessories. It is the center of interaction with like-minded fitness conscious people and provides guidance on lifestyle improvement, meditation and general well-being.
Eco Spa

It is intended for environmentally friendly people. Not only do they focus on the use of eco-friendly materials for treatment and treatment, but they also show respect for the environment in everything from construction materials to the cleaning systems used. Ecospa can also support environmental projects such as aquatic crops and lighting projects and is known for using eco-friendly water.
Mineral Health Spa

Minerals have long been known as the source of life. Mineral water is rich in medicinal properties, which improves blood circulation and detoxifies the body, rebuilding worn muscles, promoting metabolism and accelerating the healing process. Miraculous water is usually available daily or more often at the Mineral Health Spa located within the hotel or resort. Medical spa

In addition to regular spa therapy, the Medical Spa offers preventive medicine, cosmetology, traditional and modern medicine under the guidance of renowned medical professionals. Weight maintenance therapies, skin care, hair care therapies and hair removal treatments are also part of the medical spa. Weekly programs are frequently held to support a variety of requirements, including smoking cessation.
Hotel Resort / Spa

A resort or hotel spa is basically a hotel with a spa. Therefore, it is mainly related to accommodation rather than happiness. That said, it’s also a perfect blend of activities along with spa treatments. Spa services complement golf, horseback riding, tennis, water sports, surfing and skiing. It’s like a holiday destination where the whole family can enjoy their favorite activities.

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