As one of the most visited global cities in the world, Tokyo attracts millions of expats or foreigners every year, for both business and leisure. But staying in the city can be problematic if a foreigner does not know how to move and where to look for the necessary comforts. Among the most serious problems facing expats is the problem of finding suitable accommodation. This article aims to help foreigners with simple tips for finding Tokyo apartments for rent.
Find an accessible neighborhood

If you are a foreigner in Tokyo, one of the first obstacles you will face is finding accommodation in a apartments for rent in accra  well-connected neighborhood. Being an alpha city, Tokyo is expensive and this suggests that the property is also expensive. If you have to find an apartment to rent in the heart of the city, then obviously you will have to pay a large sum and that can burn a hole in your pocket. The trick is to find a balance between connectivity and convenience. Considering the various districts of Tokyo, you might try to find affordable accommodation in the old city districts like Ueno and Asakusa.
Consider your maximum budget

As a foreigner, if you are looking for Tokyo apartments for rent or Kuala Lumpur apartments for rent, it is important to plan your budget. When deciding the maximum you can stretch in your budget, make sure you don’t exceed 30% of your monthly income. This alone can ensure that you have enough to take care of your other essential needs in an expensive city like Tokyo. You also need to be sure of the total lease amount you have to pay before signing a lease. Lease payments, in addition to the initial upfront money, involve administrative fees, service charges, and a non-refundable deposit called key money.
Decide on the type of accommodation

Over the years, the city of Tokyo has come to host different types of accommodation. Apartment buildings, apartments and single-family home structures are commonly found in the city. The type of accommodation you want is also closely related to the budget you have prepared. FYI, apartments and houses that have been in existence for more than 10 years generally cost less. The ideal way to find cheaper and older accommodation is to contact a real estate agency or independent agent.
Make sure of the lease period

Whether it’s Tokyo apartments for rent or Kuala Lumpur apartments for rent, it is important for a foreigner to have a clear idea of ​​the length of the lease. On average, Tokyo homeowners prefer not to rent if their length of stay is less than a year. Typically, the tenant must move within two weeks of signing the contract. The treatment is a little different with residences, where the minimum length of stay is one month and the legal problems are almost nil.

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