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In time, a more realistic picture is formed

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If your relationship starts this way even before the first call, it will most likely not get better than this. People usually go through a honeymoon phase with a helping or healing solo-professional…the client thinks that the solo-professional is the answer to her problem, she is grateful and all is right with the world. Very few if any demands are placed on the professional.  In time, a more realistic picture is formed and the client sees that the relationship between the professional and the client is a reciprocal one in which change happens as a result of both their efforts. Then, the client may begin to give feedback, suggest modifications or ask for changes.  speed dating

If this is how your prospective client is starting off, I don’t see this translating into a cooperative coaching experience. Do you have a policies and procedures agreement and did you give it to your client before she decided to work with you? This can also include a fact sheet on what to expect from coaching. If you don’t have an agreement written up or a fact sheet, please create them. The client may not have known what to expect or that she couldn’t change the terms of the agreement.  You also have to understand that people can ask for whatever they want; you just have to be certain of your boundaries and limits and enforce them in response to the requests. Give your prospective client the benefit of the doubt. Email the client and let her know in a firm but supportive way that her new terms are not in accordance with your policies and procedures. She will either understand and comply whereupon you can start to work together or she will not budge and you will have to write her a diplomatic “goodbye and good luck” email.


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