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Handy Assesses the Effects Mobile Apps Have on End Users


According to Handy, mobile apps have greatly influenced our lifestyle. From ordering food and making grocery lists to communicating with others and checking our bank account balance, mobile apps have made our lives far more convenient. In fact, you can find mobile apps for almost any category you can think of, whether it be for gaming and entertainment or wellness and meditation.


The Ways

Here are a few ways mobile apps have affected end-users:


  1. It has impacted how we socialize – Whether you want to browse social media, create videos and shorts, use instant messaging services or even anonymously chat with strangers online, you will find a mobile app for your purpose. Social networking has fundamentally changed how people communicate and interact with each other and social media apps have made this activity even more addictive.


Some of it has made great positive impacts on our lives. For instance, you can now keep in touch with your friends and family across the globe no matter where they live or stay. However, the addictive nature of social media apps have also made negative impacts on teenagers and adults alike where they spend most of their time unproductively, browsing social media apps.


  1. It has impacted how we work – Mobile apps have become a critical part of the business culture and it is safe to say the work-related mobile apps help to boost your productivity and improve your work efficiency as well. You can find mobile apps that help to track your time spent on different work-related projects, create to-do lists and schedules, generate reports, find new clients and interact with them, connect with freelancers, and more.


Employers can assign new tasks to employees and assess them by using mobile apps. You can even hold video conferences and meetings via mobile apps, which has proved very useful during the global pandemic.


  1. It has impacted how we entertain ourselves – When it comes to entertainment, there are several mobile apps that allow the users to play single-player games as well as multiplayer games. Plus, it has offered a cost-effective way to play augmented reality games such as Pokemon Go.


You can spend all your day watching videos on apps such as YouTube or watch the latest TV series on apps such as Netflix. Some people also like to read novels or read webcomics on their apps.


  1. It has impacted how we do everyday things– Nowadays, most eCommerce retailers such as Amazon have mobile apps and many people shop online by using such apps. In fact, mobile apps allow you to browse for the product you want, pay using the apps, and even keep track of your delivery status. You can even order food online or book a cab or hotel using mobile apps.

Content creators use mobile apps to shoot videos and edit videos. Fitness enthusiasts use mobile apps to keep track of their fitness goals.



Handy believes that mobile apps would continue to impact our daily lifestyle positively in the future. If you don’t use mobile apps for any kind of activity, you should give it a go in order to witness how effective they can be.


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