What is the best thing about Whatsapp groups? Well, we’re glad you asked. These are some of our favorite funny WhatsApp group chat memes that will make your day! 

Funny Group Names – We all know that when you create a WhatsApp group, it’s important to come up with an awesome name for the group so people want to join in on the fun! Here are some of our favorites: 

WhatsApp Status Quotes – 

If funny Whatsapp group’s names aren’t enough for you…check out these hilarious status quotes from other groups around the web! You can always add one of these to your own WhatsApp status and see what happens 🙂

Good Morning Memes – If you’re lucky, you’ve managed to snag yourself an early morning risers group! These are the best kind of meme groups because they make your day brighter even if it’s about an hour before you actually wake up 🙂

Whatsapp Status Updates– The good thing about WhatsApp status updates is that everyone can see them! Put different ones on your own profile and let other members in your WhatsApp groups vote by liking for which one should be your new WhatsApp update!

Whatsapp Stickers – Sticker packs are becoming very popular these days as a way to liven up all those boring texts with just a few images. Again, our stickers aren’t just simple text images, they’re carefully crafted images with inspiring quotes that can be used in place of sending an actual message.

Whatsapp Trivia – Trivia is fun but I think WhatsApp Trivia is even more fun because you already have the means to communicate so why not do it over trivia? Everyone loves his/her time wasted trying to get a random fact right!

Whatsapp Jokes– These funny WhatsApp groups or jokes are probably one of the best ways to start your morning (or evening)! Everyone loves a good laugh and these were handpicked by me after hours of research 🙂 https://realgrouplinks.com/tag/Funny-Groups/

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Questions and Answers – This funny WhatsApp group is basically just that- asking questions and getting answers! I love this one because it’s very original and I’m sure you will find some jokes or stories here which you haven’t read elsewhere!

The Dope Shit – If you’re looking for some seriously cool stuff to send to your buddies then this is the best place for you. It has every bit of dope smoking-related “dopeness” out there so enjoy exploring 🙂

Keep Calm And… – Now since we all know about the famous ‘Keep calm’ series, why not join a WhatsApp group which does exactly that? This is one of the most well-known WhatsApp groups out there!

Kushy Shit – If you’re part of this WhatsApp group then kush means something to you. It’s all about weed and if you smoke it, join this community 🙂

Cats Of The Internet – This is a group consisting of some fucking awesome cats (^_^) … Just look at their photos and I’m sure you’ll like them too! I did 😛

Shoe Porn Group – When it comes to shoes, guys can be really passionate…so what better place to share your passion than in a Whatsapp group? This shoe porn group combines all kinds of footwear so enjoy exploring 🙂


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