When you’re Active And Doing Something You Love You’re Probably In Your Boy Energy.

One of my greatest pleasures is to hop on my bike and hit the street.

I alternate my Coach-Penny female stretch pants and fuzzy socks and placed on my riding gear; Ballistic driving jacket and pants, leather-based driving boots and gloves.

I placed on my California mandated helmet, shades and off I cross.

It’s type of like moving into a morphing device Bulletproof Helmet  stepping from my woman energy to my boy power one item of clothing at a time.

When I’m dressed, I’m invincible!

The lady that tackles the gadget and the street.

Navigating the traffic, the highways and byways.

Up and over the tight lanes of the 17 eventually to Santa Cruse.

The ocean is a welcome sight from a motorcycle.

Ou can scent the salty air, you can feel the usually converting temperatures of the West Coast.

It’s a outstanding feeling of freedom and energy to navigate the brutal California Highways.

Heading South beyond Monterey, past Carmel, Mastering the curves on Hwy 1 it’s a feeling like no other.

This is real remedy for the mind and the body.

It takes skill and energy to triumph over the system and avenue.

I’m absolutely operating my masculine power once I’m engaged in this journey.

I’m feeling sturdy free and alive. I love using here.

It’s a tremendous factor that we ladies can do.

We Can Be A Girl One Minute And Choose To Employ Our Boy Energy The Next.

The amazing power that can conquer and obtain!

I prevent for a wreck and breathe within the air.

I take a seat on a rock and revel in the ocean, the waves, and the intensity of the water.

I can almost feel the earth turning.

There is the sort of feeling of becoming a member of with nature and what’s going on all round.

The natural ebb and go with the flow of the coastal tides. The wind and the solar.

My hands are humming, my palms are a bit tired, however it’s an awesome feeling, a sign that I’m riding tough enough however I’m now not too irritating.

I see dolphins frolicking along the wave ruin. The huge fishing boats at a distance.

It’s exquisite to simply take a seat and breath inside the salty air, experience the sun on my face and drink in this amazing life.

It’s Fun To Switch From Boy Energy To Girl Energy.

It’s nurturing to just feel wherein I am, who I am at this second.

What a manner to break out the pressures of existence, immersing myself inside the splendor.

I make a grueling ride of one hundred forty four miles to Cambria, and over to Paso Robles and Up the one hundred and one to home once more after a awesome 360 miles of fun and adventure!

I’ve navigated, carried out and conquered!

But on the other hand, my lady strength can come domestic and enjoy lifestyles with my husband who would not journey, and it works absolutely incredible for us.

He is aware of my passion and is fascinated with it.

It’s so vital to understand that he is my high-quality cheerleader.

Even my loopy boy side.

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