Inside joke? If you need to explain it then it probably wasn’t a great inside joke in the first place… but apparently, that didn’t stop one lonely girlfriend from creating this curiously named yet gorgeously detailed pillow. By some quirk of fate (and possibly a slight deficiency in boyfriend quality), she found him lacking and decided to make the ultimate companion pillow. And so she did.

Authentic silk-screened prints featuring the face and head of your boyfriend/husband/fiancee/partner AND realistic hair every woman has dreamed about – because who really wants a balding husband or boyfriend?

This pillow is the perfect gift for every woman, and every girl who has ever wished she had a boyfriend. Enjoy the sweet aroma of his cologne, and enjoy dreaming that he’s actually with you when he’s off having fun with other girls.

Don’t settle for anything less than this ultimate companion pillow made from 100% polyester fiber, imported directly from Japan (where men are apparently hotter).

You can make yourself a boyfriend pillow with head and face. Now, that’s a pillow you can snuggle with.

The boyfriend pillows have realistic hair and face which is made from imported high quality synthetic fiber, with an excellent touch feeling. The eyebrows are embroidered by machine so it looks very real.

This cushion is a great gift for anyone and will make you smile every time you see it.

We all have our own preferences when it comes to choices of comfort. One example is the pillow that you would use as your sleeping companion. Some people prefer one kind while others would go for another. It really makes no difference as long as you are comfortable with what you are using.

When we talk about a pillow, there are different kinds and purposes for each type: some pillows can support your neck, providing relaxation or prevention for stiff necks in the morning; some can help provide support to your back or hip; and pillow could also be used to prop up an infant’s head or body . In fact, not so many know that there is actually a “boyfriend pillow” out there. So what is this special kind of pillow?

These pillows are usually stuffed with synthetic materials, the same kind that regular pillows use. The only difference is how big this type of pillow is. They come in bigger sizes compared to normal ones which makes them also heavier for some people’s preference though. But they do look like a man’s torso, using either cartoon characters or men who are considered good-looking as a model. This includes men from movies or TV series such as Johny Depp, Hugh Jackmanand Daniel Craig . Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up at night while you sleep hugging your “boyfriend” pillow? Some even say it helps relieve tension: imagine lying on something soft while hugging a hunk looking character that seems to take care of you. It’s a different thing for women who buy them because these types of pillows are phallic shaped.

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