Pentecostal churches are known or want to be referred to as “Scriptures Christians”, “Bible believing churches”, and also doing every little thing utilizing the Holy bible as the sole Authority in Christian matters. Every min of their days are spent reading the scriptures. They price quote 2 Tim 3:16 “All scriptures is inspired by God and also works for educating the fact, scolding error, correcting faults and also providing instruction for ideal living.

They charge other churches, particularly the Catholic church of not being Holy bible believing, Bible Christians, and refraining every little thing according to the Scriptures. Countless Catholics have actually joined them because of this.

However, a closer as well as careful study of the Pentecostal program that they are not what they appear to portray. They are not as Holy bible thinking as they claim, neither are they Bible Christians more than Catholic, neither do they do everything with the holy bible as sole authority as they claim.

They are several points that Pentecostals do that are not in the Scriptures, a lot more overlook Bible commands, realities as well as guidelines amongst Pentecostals. Also the direct orders of Jesus Christ, our Lord, are not adhered to by them.

Lots of characteristics of the church, spoken of in the New Testimony are not found among Pentecostal churches. I have actually considered this issue for so long that I have determined to share it with various other catholic as well as likewise Pentecostals.

Right here are a lot of the things Pentecostal do, that are not in the Bible and those in the Scriptures they don’t do. I really hope that Catholics as well as Pentecostals will certainly learn from this as well as transform accordingly.


It appear weird that a church that claims the Scriptures as its origin and also an abundance of the Holy Ghost presents within them, do not record phantoms. Jesus Christ appeared to St. Paul in a phantom, which converted Paul and drew spirits to Christ, Acts 9:1 -23 Moses as well as Elijah Mt. 17:1 -8, showed up to Jesus, Peter, James and also John to show that Christ was the anticipated one. Lk 9:28 -36, Angels appeared to Mary Lk 1:26, to reveal the coming of Jesus Christ. The same to John the Baptist’s daddy. Phantoms are for this reason an important part of the Christian faith and also bibles, as they portray important occasions as well as messages.

Considering that the start of the Pentecostal free christian books churches, they have actually been no apparitions as well as phantom messages.

In the Catholic Church apparitions of Virgin Mary, God, Jesus Christ, the Saints as well as Angels are many. Such devotions as the Brownish scapular, the remarkable medal, the sacred heart, Devine grace, are preferred, and were as an outcome of apparitions from a God that does not alter.


Nobody hoped aloud in groups, all at the exact same time, consequently causing disorder in prayer, in the Bible St. Paul alerts against disorder in Christian worship. 1 Cor. 14:26 -36. The Baal prophets prayed in such a manner. 1 Kgs 18:28 -29.


In the U.S.A, some Pentecostal churches wed homosexuals, they wed them in their churches, of current the Anglican Church in England has actually done the exact same. See what bible claims” in the same way the guys give up natural sexual intercourses with women and also melt with passion for every various other, and also therefore, they bring upon themselves the penalty they should have for their wrong doing. Rom. 1:27, Lev. 18:22, Lev. 20:13, an offence that draws in death penalty in the days of Moses.


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